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Night of Service

On Wednesday, April 10th, a beacon of community spirit shone brightly at Elizabeth Forward High School as nearly 80 students from various student organizations united for the second annual "Night of Service". This remarkable event saw members from the High School's Student Government Association (SGA), BRAVE Bunch, Interact, Leo Club, and Tri M Music Honors Society join forces with the Middle School's 8th Grade Student Council, in a concerted effort to give back to the community in diverse and impactful ways. 

The military bags were underwritten by the GBU Life. We are thankful we were chosen to help others by ths great organization!

Under the leadership of SGA juniors, Rylee Brawdy and Jillian Yates, the groups efficiently assembled a wide array of essential goods destined for several community groups. The evening's projects included packing care bags for military personnel, assembling comfort bags for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and preparing thoughtful packages for senior citizens at a local memory care facility. Moreover, the students crafted blankets for infants in the NICU and packed treats for the Meals on Wheels program, among other charitable activities.

This "Night of Service" stands as a testament to the power of youth engagement in philanthropy, showcasing how the collaborative efforts of young individuals can yield substantial benefits for the community. The event not only facilitated practical assistance for those in need but also served as a valuable learning experience for the students involved, underscoring the importance of empathy, teamwork, and civic responsibility.

Special recognition is due to the SGA sponsor, Dr. Jennifer Spiegel, whose vision and dedication were instrumental in bringing this incredible initiative to life. Through her guidance, students were empowered to make a tangible difference, reinforcing the ethos of service and compassion within Warrior Nation.

As we reflect on the success of the "Night of Service," it is clear that such events play a crucial role in cultivating a generation of conscientious and active citizens, ready to contribute positively to society. The commendable efforts of all students and organizers involved in this year's event are a bright beacon of hope and generosity within the community.

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