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Fun Night for Freshman

Attention: our 9th Grade Class Officers, with the help of Mrs. Miele have put together a fun night for any freshman student.  Please see our flyer.

9th grade students are asked to come for a social event that involves volleyball and other games, as well as just plain “hanging-out”.  The purpose is to give the 9th graders an opportunity to socialize in a supervised setting during the difficult circumstances they are facing.

Admission is free!  Snacks and drinks will be for sale with proceeds benefiting the 9th grade class.  Please have your student mark their calendars for Friday, March 17th from 5 PM - 7 PM at our Middle School on Rock Run Road. 

This event will be chaperoned and if you have a child in another grade at the high school, additional special events for each class are forthcoming.  Transportation cannot be provided, but please carpool your child’s friends. 

Please see the attached letter and flyer