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2022 - 2023 Parking Passes for EFHS

Parking Passes

Attention seniors and juniors wishing to drive to school during the 2022-2023 school year:

All spots in our parking lot are numbered in accordance with a safety and risk assessment performed by the PA State Police. The senior high school lot has 104 student parking spots. Historically, only seniors were allowed to drive. For a short time, juniors were able to park in the lower lot; however, we now have a bus company occupying that space, and those spots are no longer available. 

We understand the desire for your child to drive to school. Between athletics, activities, employment and sibling care, it can be extremely helpful. However, due to the limited number of total parking spaces that are available, it is likely that juniors will not be able to drive to school. 

Please read the following steps:

  1. Seniors have priority with driving. Senior passes will go on sale for one week. SENIORS may apply for passes from Wednesday, July 27th-Aug 3rd. If your senior is on vacation, please have a friend or family member drop off the application with a check or money order in the amount of $30.
  2. Once all applications are received that week, the number of remaining parking spots available will be determined. It is expected that all seniors who apply will get a spot.
  3. Juniors will be eligible to turn in completed packets WITHOUT payment starting on Monday, August 15th. Someone else may turn in the packet if the junior student is on vacation.
  4. Juniors that participate in after-school activities will be given preference.
  5. You will be notified via telephone if your junior is selected to receive a pass.
  6. If your junior does not have their car/license yet but plans on needing to drive any time at all during this school year, please submit an application.
  7. It is anticipated that fewer than 15 remaining passes will be available for juniors; with over 50 or more junior applicants, please be prepared for the likelihood that your child will not be able to drive to school. Buses are available for all children, and coaches will allow time for junior students to take the bus home and then bring a car back so that they can drive home from practices or games.
  8. A waiting list will be compiled for juniors based on afterschool activities and time of the submitted application.