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Apple Distinguished Schools

Elizabeth Forward School District


Apple Distinguished Schools

The Elizabeth Forward School District is a rural school district in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh. Like thousands of small rural school districts, Elizabeth Forward had times in the past during which it struggled financially and lagged in teaching and learning…

After a decade of digital transformation, Elizabeth Froward has become an exemplar school district in several facets of education.  Elizabeth Forward has been recognized as a member of the League of Innovative Schools by Digital Promise. As a coalition, the League consists of only 114 forward-thinking school districts across the nation. The district is also part of the Future Ready School initiative. This network, of school districts and leaders, is focused on planning and transforming instruction and improving equity through personalized learning and the effective use of technology. 

Elizabeth Forward became one of the first school districts in Pennsylvania to provide every K-12 student with a digital device (iPad). However, simply having the technology available does not necessarily mean deeper-level learning or personalized learning is occurring. District administrators believed in the importance of having a framework tailored to the district for the successful transformation. In 2017 and 2018, Elizabeth Forward partnered with Modern Teacher and started to implement its Digital Convergence Framework. The framework consists of the following six elements: Leadership, Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, Digital Ecosystem, Personalized Learning, and Community

Elizabeth Forward School District continues to grow with Apple technologies! The district's Apple Teacher Relaunch Program has continued to promote teacher growth with Apple devices and platforms and creativity within the classroom!

In the future, Elizabeth Forward aims to scale the work related to personalized learning, mastery learning, and learning plans. 

Elizabeth Forward School District is proud to showcase the applications for the Apple Distinguished Schools (ADS) program. Please select a link below to access each of our school's ADS applications and supporting resources!

Elizabeth Forward High School

Elizabeth Forward Middle School

Central Elementary

Greenock & Mt. Vernon Elementary

William Penn Elementary

To learn more about how Elizabeth Forward School District leverages Apple technologies to transform teaching and learning, please visit our Digital Ecosystem!