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2020 Gregory W. Sutek Memorial Scholarship Recipient

On this day that would be Gregory’s 22nd birthday,  we would like to announce the 2020 recipient of the Gregory W. Sutek Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $5000: Miss Amelia Vuick!

While we wish Gregory were still here, we are honored to preserve his legacy through scholar athletes like Amelia.  Amelia has exhibited academic and athletic excellence as well as strength of character, perseverance, and dedication to others throughout her high school career as well as through her faith and volunteer service.   She is described by her teachers as a “breath of fresh air” and their “go to student”.   We are confident that she will make us proud as she continues her education at Kent State!  We are positive that Mia will share God's love and pass the light that Gregory had on to others throughout her life.

Congratulations Mia!