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Korey’s Music Corner

Yo music lovers! 2016 was a rockin’ good year for music. Don’t hold your breath yet, though. 2017’s music will be just as chill. Music by the all time classic “The Flaming Lips” as well as “The xx” is coming out January 13th. Also in January, rapper Iggy Azalea and rock group “Train” are releasing albums. On February 14th, Marylin Manson is releasing his tenth studio album. Country band, “Little Big Town,” is releasing an album on February 24th. Also in 2017, look out for albums released by Charli XCX. Kelly Clarkson, “Bad Religion,” “Depeche Mode,” “Five Finger Death Punch,” “Gorillaz,” “Limp Bizkit,” “The Offspring,” “Papa Roach,” “Quiet Riot,” Sheryl Crow, and many more. Jam on warriors!

Korey Dovichin