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Anything Goes!

The musical department is proud to announce this year’s spring musical: “Anything Goes!” This musical takes place on the S. S. American, where nightclub singer Reno Sweeney is in route to London, England. Her pal, Billy Crocker, has stowed away to be with his love, Hope Harcourt. The problem is, Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Somehow he needs to find a way to get his girl! If you want to know what happens in the end, come see Anything Goes! There are some wonderfully talented students serving as the lead roles for this year’s musical. Reno Sweeney is being played by Junior Theresa Hall, Hope Harcourt is being played by Senior Natalie Montarti, Erma is played by Senior Savana Cousino, Evangeline Harcourt is played by Junior Marra Hoag, Moonface Martin is played by Senior Kevin Trasp, Billy Crocker is played by Senior Matthew Benedeck, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh is played by Junior Declan Morse, and Elisha Whitney is played by Junior Robbie Charles. If you are interested the show’s dates are April 6, 7, 8, and 9th, 2017. This show will be spectacular and the musical department encourages everyone to come and support the cast!

Noah Madden