Message from the Elizabeth Forward School Board



    For Immediate Release:

    Statement from Elizabeth Forward School Board

    On April 11, 2023, the Elizabeth Forward High School reopened to in-person instruction. This reopening was the culmination of a months-long intensive remediation effort to return the building to a safe learning environment.


    Safety is the School District’s top priority. The district employed experts from Interek PSI testing to perform rigorous indoor air testing. The district charged Intertek to run any and all necessary tests to ensure a safe environment for our students and staff.


    The results of this testing have consistently shown that the air quality at the high school meets all safety standards. In fact, these results were also shared with the industrial hygienist, Protect All Solutions, which the Elizabeth Forward Education Association (the teacher’s union) chose.  Protect All Solutions confirmed the air quality results were indeed safe.


    These air testing reports are posted on the district’s website and are continually updated here. Additionally, the high school water quality levels were also tested and determined to be safe. The Allegheny Health Department and Elizabeth Township also approved the district reopening the high school.


    It’s also important to note that an overwhelming majority of our high school community are happy to be back to in-person learning after nearly two months of remote instruction. We are looking forward to finishing out the school year and celebrating the class of 2023, who has had many disruptions to their four years in high school. 


    To be clear, throughout this difficult time, the district has worked with experts and has done everything possible to ensure the building was reopened under safe conditions. In addition, the district has been transparent with the staff and the community on all aspects of the ongoing restoration. This will continue as we face a long road ahead in rebuilding our high school into something better.  But this will take time, patience, and partnership.




    Board of School Directors                                                      Keith Konyk

    Elizabeth Forward School District                                          Superintendent

                                                                                                   Elizabeth Forward School District