• The PBIS Program places an emphasis on a school-wide system of support and discipline that includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. Instead of focusing on individual behavioral management plans, PBIS focuses on acknowledging positive behaviors within the school setting for all students.

    The PBIS program at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School is modeled around the motto of being a BRAVE Warrior: Be Safe, Respect Others, Accountable, Victorious and Enthusiastic. We defined expectations in all areas of the school including the cafeteria, restrooms, hallway and stairs, assembly and classroom. The purpose of the PBIS program at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School is to create a positive environment where all students are taught prosocial behaviors so that they achieve academic and lifelong success.


    BRAVE Bunch

    Brave Bunch is a group of student leaders that communicate and collaborate with their peers and the staff of the middle school to bring about a more enriching and positive school climate. These students are individually known for setting a positive example in the classroom and outside of school.  The Brave Bunch also creates videos that assist in maintaining positive energy and behaviors at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School.
PBIS Matrix