Apple Teacher Relaunch & "Building Momentum" Tour

  • The Apple Teacher Relaunch Program was created by Elizabeth Forward School District leaders and members of the local Apple Education Team. The goal of the program is to promote and showcase the creativity of Elizabeth Forward teachers and students through the use of Apple technologies. In addition, the program aims to increase teachers comfortability and familiarity with Apple devices and applications.

    The Apple Teacher Relaunch Kickoff Event focused on creativity and collaboration. Elizabeth Forward teachers were divided into groups and participated in several challenges. These challenges included:

    • Creating Animated GIFS in Keynote
    • Using Pages to collaborate within an Interactive Handout
    • Leveraging the green-screen effect within iMovie
    • Developing a “Visual Vocabulary” project within Clips
    • Recording a podcast on GarageBand

    The creativity that was displayed by teachers during this kickoff event was inspiring! The reaction from Elizabeth Forward educators was also fantastic. Teacher feedback ranged from “Actually having fun during professional learning” to “I cannot wait to utilize these tools with my students”.

    The frequency of use of Apple applications grew immediately! Teacher and student creativity with Apple technologies continues to be on full display across all schools within the district. Professional learning, small group, and individual coaching sessions focusing on Apple applications have continued since the Apple Teacher Relaunch Kickoff Event.

    In March of 2022, educators from Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and New York visited Elizabeth Forward School District to participate in Apple Education’s “Building Momentum” Tour. This event included classroom visits and opportunities for participants to share and learn from one another!

    Teachers are now interacting with a new resource – the Apple Teacher Relaunch Portfolio – Volume 1! The purpose of this portfolio is for teachers to record and reflect upon their use of Apple technologies. Teachers also can submit evidence from their portfolio to the dedicated Canvas course for the opportunity to earn badges for their efforts!

    The future of the Apple Teacher Relaunch is bright! Forward School District plans to continue our work supporting our teachers and students as champions of creativity! Follow our Apple Teacher Relaunch journey by searching #EFcreates on Twitter!