Computer Science at Greenock & Mt. Vernon

  • At Mt. Vernon and Greenock Elementary Schools, all 400 students receive more than 40 lessons concentrating in Computational Thinking and Computer Science. Starting in kindergarten, students learn what a sequence is and they begin to use hands-on coding using edtech tools such as BeeBot and VEX 123. In first grade and second grade students continue to learn about computer science using hands-on activities such as Puzzlets and strengthening their computational thinking on the iPad using Scratch Jr. In first grade, students use their sequencing skills to build a BeeBot City using making materials in addition to engineering a path for their BeeBot to go through the city. Each team consisting of 2 students build a 5 foot long city on poster board. During the epic challenge, students show how to program their BeeBot to the class. 

    At Mt. Vernon Elementary School, third grade students are asked to apply their understanding of computer science and computational thinking by engineering a game using Dash. During this Epic Challenge, students engineered a game to teach the rest of the class. Teams consisted of 3 to 4 students who used making tools such as paper and markers to make a game using their robot, Dash. In 4th grade, students start using their computational thinking and computer science skills to compete and challenge themselves in the VEX GO competition. Using VEXcode GO, students programmed with block-based coding with a partner solving tasks such as move and lifting different items with their robot in the game field. In 5th grade, students fully applied their computer science skills to engineering a new robot to solve a dirty, dangerous or dull job. Through this engineering challenge, students created a blueprint and then a prototype to present to the class during the Epic Challenge.