World of Work

  • During the 2021-2022 school year, Greenock and Mt. Vernon implemented the World of Work Program for all students. This initiative introduces students to a variety of different careers and employment pathways. Students begin by taking the RIASEC assessment on their iPad. Our Transition Coordinator and Elementary Guidance Counselor review the results of each student and students then begin exploring different careers based on their results. For example, students may interact with a video, created in iMovie, that showcases a job that encompasses the social portion of the RIASEC. Students may also listen to a podcast, created in Garage Band, that highlights different careers within the Elizabeth Forward community.

    Greenock and Mt. Vernon also hosted a "Meet the Pro Day" this past Spring. Members of the Elizabeth Forward community traveled to Greenock and Mt. Vernon to share information about their careers. Below are a few examples of the jobs that were presented to our students:


    • Music Therapist
    • Architect
    • Baker / Cake Designer
    • TikTok Chefs
    • First Responders
    • Secret Service Agent
    • Veterinarian