Champions of Creativity with iPad

  • Central teachers use the iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV daily in the classroom to enhance curriculum, create innovative projects, track student progress, personalize learning, and promote student creativity!

    Below are a few examples of how Central Elementary teachers and students utilize Apple technologies:

    Apple TV - Every classroom within Central Elementary has an Apple TV. In addition, Central Elementary's library has an Apple TV station that allows students to Airplay to the device and collaborate on different projects using their iPad!

    Vocabulary Practice with Keynote - To assist with vocabulary comprehension and retention, students use Keynote to create vocabulary decks. Students utilize media placeholders to add images to their Keynote slides and record audio to practice pronouncing the terms and definitions. Students also use Keynote as a scientific journal to record data and observations for a unit of hydroponics.

    Word Building with Numbers - Central Elementary's Reading Specialist, Mrs. Pam Gracan, has created a "Word Building" template with Numbers to help students with the word-building process. Mrs. Gracan utilizes the audio feature to record the different sounds of letters and also has her students record themselves pronouncing each sound. In addition, Mrs. Gracan uses conditional highlighting within Numbers to act as a self-assessment for students as they build words. An example template of "Word Building" can be found here!

    Creating with Clips - Central teachers and students love using Clips to create content and demonstrate learning. The easy-to-use features within Clips allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of different ways. From content knowledge to vocabulary practice, Clips has been a medium for creativity at Central Elementary!

    Creative Challenges with iPad - The Elizabeth Forward School District Technology Department creates different "Creative Challenges with iPad" throughout the school year. Central Elementary students often participate in these creative challenges and their submissions are amazing! In the past, Central students have participated in a "Memoji Laptop Challenge", "Holiday Card Challenge", "Kindness Day Challenge" and more!