Applications on iPad

  • Teachers and students at William Penn enjoy using the Apple ecosystem of applications. In addition to Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, GarageBand, and Clips, the following are a few of William Penn's "favorite" applications.

    Blooket -William Penn teachers and students enjoy the variety of game modes offered by Blooket, including Cafe Mode, Racing, and the Tower of Doom!

    Quizlet - Quizlet has been a fan favorite of William Penn teachers since the adoption of the 1:1 initiative at Elizabeth Forward School District. Students are encouraged to create their own study decks within Quizlet!  Quizlet Live is an engaging game where students enjoy demonstrating their knowledge of vocabulary and key concepts.

    Epic - The large variety of books and videos within Epic makes this a go-to resource for teachers and students. Epic is an easy and free enhancement for any classroom lesson (See how Mrs. Lisa George utilizes Epic in her Genius Hour Project).

    Nearpod -Nearpod is an interactive tool that can boost the engagement level for any lesson. Nearpod includes interactive activities like virtual field trips, class polls, collaboration boards, game-based quizzes, and more! William Penn fourth-grade teachers love using Nearpod for all content areas! These teachers often create Nearpod lessons that reflect the interest and learning needs of the students, which instantly motivates students while they engage in the activities!