Genius Hours

  • Mrs. Lisa George, a 3rd grade teacher at William Penn Elementary, created a Genius Hour Project for students. Students start by exploring their passions and identifying what interests them. To help with this, Mrs. George and her students used the Tract App this past school year. Once students choose a topic that they are passionate about, they begin to come up with a driving question. From there, the students use class time to research their topic using Epic and student-friendly search engines like Kiddle. Once the students develop a thorough understanding of their topic, they begin to demonstrate their knowledge. Students are presented with the task of displaying what they learned in three ways: written, digital, and creative. For the digital component, students used various applications such as iMovie, Keynote, Minecraft, and more. As a culminating activity, the students' families are invited to listen as students share what they have learned.

    Below are a few examples of driving questions from this past school year:

    Some of their driving questions were:

    • What would happen if there were no moon?
    • How does your brain control your body?
    • What can I learn about the life of Hellen Keller?
    • How are gemstones made?
    • What is the history of music?