Life Like Presentations

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    Life-Like Presentations with iMovie

     Using Vex Robotics kits, students created robots that would benefit their community in some way. Students had to create and collaborate on an idea, blueprint, and build their robot. Next, students built and used the Vex Robotics coding app to get their machines to move. Finally, students used iMovie to film their robots doing the work in a more life-like scenario. For example, maintaining the grass at Heinz Field, cleaning sewers, and feeding pets at a pet store. 
    Students also did a cross-curricular project where they read a biography, and created a project where they turned a 2-liter bottle into the person they read about. Next, they used the Hummingbird Robotics kit to wire their projects to light up, move, and record a summary of the significance of the person they read about. Finally, students recoded their bottles in front of a green screen to add coordinating backgrounds to enhance their projects. For example, the Walt Disney project was put into a Disney World background.