• Digital Ecosystem of the Year

  • In 2021, Elizabeth Forward was named "Digital Ecosystem of the Year' at the Virtual National Conference on Digital Convergence, in which the NCDC highlighted their outstanding work with Apple Education, eSpark Learning, Canvas Learning Management System, and several other partners.  The district began this work back in 2017, and this vision has helped educate students during a global pandemic.  The NCDC brought together nearly 1500 educational leaders united by a common goal: to serve every student and take our education system into the future with a practical methodology.

    Within our building specifically, Elizabeth Forward High School has successfully implemented a teacher professional learning plan that uses teacher collaboration to develop new content and peer coaching to ensure success through shared responsibility and support.  The use of multiple applications, shown in the diagram here, demonstrates the school's commitment to productivity, communication, instruction and learning, and creativity.

Digital Ecosystem