• Chemistry
    Happy Atoms and Music Videos

  • Happy Atoms - Tenth through twelfth grade chemistry students explored the shapes and properties of molecular compounds by building models using the Schell Games Happy Atoms molecular model kits. The Happy Atoms App, developed by Schell Games and Thames and Kosmos, runs seamlessly on the Apple iPad device allowing for students to scan their constructed molecules using the camera to learn more about each compound's geometry and their physical and chemical properties.


  • Periodic Trends Music Videos - With the use of Apple iPad devices, Garage Band, Clips, iMovie, the Media Center’s Sound and Green Screen Recording Studios, as well as with other media applications, students creatively edited the lyrics to already existing songs, and performed and recorded their very own music videos to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the Periodic Trends. The Periodic Trends of atomic radius, ionization energy, electronegativity, and electron affinity define the repeating patterns based on the physical and chemical properties of the elements of the periodic table, similar to the repeating patterns within musical songs.