• Parent Perspectives

    Parents/guardians of Elizabeth Forward High School students share their unique perspectives on the building's utilization of educational technology for both learning and communication. 


    “Technology in the classroom has changed the way students learn!  Having “games”, iPads, and Apps to reinforce concepts and make it fun has forever changed the way a student learns the material.  I'm thinking about learning information in college, especially in writing and rewriting my notes - and now my kids say "I did a couple of Quizlets and I know what I'm doing!" - So jealous of that!“ ~Monica Spence, parent of 10th grade student


    “I love that when a student is absent, they can access their school work and classroom teachers through Canvas and their iPads. It enables them to keep up with their school work and keep up with the rest of the class and not fall behind.” ~Nadine Telegdy parent of a 10th grade student


    “The technology that my son has is great because he has everything he needs literally at his fingertips. The access to knowledge has made him a global learner no matter where he is, which will inevitably help him in the future.” ~Lauren Wach parent of a 10th grade student