• During employment at Elizabeth Forward, a leave of absence may be needed. The information contained below is only a guideline for employee leaves and it is not meant to be all-inclusive covering all individual employee situations. Please refer to your contract (collective bargaining agreement) for additional information.


    When considering a leave of absence from work, there are several questions to think about in your best interest and in the best interest of your family:

    1. Why do I need a leave of absence? Is it for myself or is it for a family member?
    2. What is my anticipated length of the leave (absence)?
    3. Do I (Does my family) have the financial resources during the length of the proposed leave?
    4. Do I need benefits during my leave? Will my spouse carry the benefits? Am I still covered by my parents health insurance?
    5. How many sick days have I earned to date? Do I have enough sick days to cover my leave or do I have very few sick days?


    Here are available employee options:

    Sick Leave - Sick leave days are to be used for you (the employee) and if you have sick days, you may use them. Beyond three (3) days of absence, a doctor's note is required. Beyond five (5) days of absence, the Board must approve your sick leave and a doctor's note is still required. Health benefits are maintained during the days/months that you have sick days to cover the length of your leave.

    FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) - If you meet the eligibility requirements, FMLA allows up to 12 workweeks of leave. This Board approved leave can be consecutive days (i.e. childbirth) or intermittent (i.e. taking a parent to a doctor's appointment). Health benefits are maintained during the days/weeks of FMLA. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement regarding FMLA as you must integrate compensable (paid) days into FMLA.

    Maternity Leave - If you are with child, you may take a Board approved 12-month maternity leave with the option to use/not use sick days. Health insurance is maintained in the month(s) when paid sick days are used, and in months when days are unpaid, health insurance must be paid by the employee.

    Sabbatical Leave - Per PA School Code, if professional staff and Act 93 employees meet the eligibility requirements for a sabbatical, this Board approved leave can be for one (1) semester or two (2) semesters. Health benefits are maintained and eligible employees receive half of their normal salary.


    Prior to taking a leave, an employee should contact and/or meet with Dr. Randal Sydeski, Director of Personnel & Student Services, to discuss options. Then a 'Leave Sheet' must be obtained from Mrs. Sherri LeDonne, Systems Administrator/Secretary to the Superintendent, and it must be completed with your intentions. Unique individual circumstances might need Board approval for a leave.