• Elizabeth Forward School District recognizes that teachers must continue to grow in their profession. By taking additional classes, teachers are able to earn credits while advancing their knowledge and skills in the profession. These credits might be towards:

             A.   Professional Growth

             B.   Obtaining PDE Level II Certification

             C.   Getting an Additional Teaching Certification 

             D.   Obtaining a Master's or Doctoral Degree

    Once you have completed credits in increments of ten (10) or obtained an additional degree, you must:

           1.  Obtain a GOLD 'Application for Columnar Placement' form from Mrs. Sherri LeDonne (x2310) in the District Offices.

           2.  Complete the form and provide documentation of earned credits with official transcripts.

           3.  The form and transcripts must be submitted to Mrs. LeDonne no later than one week prior to the Regular (voting) Board meeting in September, January, March and June.

    Should you have any questions about obtaining credits and Columnar Placement, please contact Dr. Randal Sydeski, Director of Personnel & Student Services at 412-896-2309.