• French 1:

    Welcome to the exciting world of French 1.  French 1 students will focus upon aural and oral development, with an equal emphasis on writing skills.  Students will begin speaking French on the first day of school, learning how to respond to basic questions.  During the year, they will converse using appropriate vocabulary and grammar to express greetings, introductions, farewells, and activities involving family and friends, food, shopping, traveling, and sports.   


    French 2:

    Students will continue to improve upon the skills learned in French 1 with emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They will continue to acquire new vocabulary in the areas of weather, clothing, health, sports, culture, banking, and travel.  As they continue to learn new vocabulary and grammar skills, their fluency and comprehension will improve, with the expectation of speaking in full complete sentences.  


    French 3: 

    At this level, students will actually begin to “speak” and “understand” the language. Speaking skills will continue to advance, and students will understand the patterns of the language showing them to communicate more readily. Reading and writing skills will also improve by incorporating French in skits, plays, songs, short stories, etc.  Students will be expected to create and present short speeches and dialogues in the target language.  There is a major focus on grammar and verb conjugation in French 3. 


    French 4:

    At this level, French is treated as a “core subject” in which the fields of English, art, music, literature, history, geography, and technology are correlated Students will continue to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and classroom discussion is primarily in French.  This level also stresses self-expression and creativity in French. The students will begin a comprehensive writing program. 


    French 5:

    French 5 is a culmination of the student’s previous four years of language. At this intense level, major emphasis is placed on increased fluency in communication and the students’ ability to use what they’ve learned in the past to express themselves. Students are exposed to French art, history, pop-culture and modern drama and humor. Students produce a large variety of original work, entirely in French. They will learn to think and react “en francais” often without needing any English at all. Students are encouraged to take the AP French Language test.
    This course may be a College-in-High-School (CHS) course offered through an affiliation with a local college/university for optional college credit.