Business, Computers & Information Technology

  • Because society and technology are forever changing, the BCIT Department offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for life skills that will be utilized in future academic endeavors as well as provide the foundation of those everyday living skills that will make students successful functioning members of society. Furthermore, we believe that the information technology strand in business programs requires substantial application of core content standards, specifically in English and Math as we prepare students for the many phases of their academic, career, and personal lives. Therefore, this department includes several rigorous computer science electives. Elizabeth Forward supports the K-12 Computer Science Framework which states that students should “develop a foundation of computer science knowledge and learn new approaches to problem solving that harness the power of computation thinking to become both users and creators of computing technology.” The overall goals are to cover computing systems, the Internet, data, algorithms, programming, and the impact of computing and foster strong communication, collaboration, and computational thinking practices.