• What is Chapter 339?

    Chapter 339 of the Pennsylvania School Code mandates that all school districts in the Commonwealth have a comprehensive, sequential program of guidance services -- Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. This plan will be articulated through a written document (BELOW) and submitted to the Secretary of Education.      

    What is the purpose of Chapter 339?

    The purpose of 339 is to support the importance of career planning for all students starting very early in their schooling; not waiting until high school.... or even worse..... graduation.

    Why does Pensylvania feel the need to address guidance services in 339?

    Schools must be responsive to labor market projections/workforce needs and guidance counselors should guide students to explore many different employment pathways. Not every student should be steered towards a attending a college/university. The 339 Plan must include guidance services information to support Area Vocational Technical Schools (AVTS's). 

    The World Economic Forum (September 28, 2017) writes the following: "The upcoming wave of technological advances, such as artificial intelligence and robotics will likely continue being disruptive, making some skills obsolete, while enhancing others and creating new ones."  https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/09/5-facts-on-trade-and-jobs/

    What does this plan "look like" for the Elizabeth Forward School District and its students?

    There are four (4) main categories:

    (1) Career Awareness and Preparation (discovering self-awareness, interests and relationships)

    (2) Career Acquisition (getting a job)

    (3) Career Retention and Advancement (keeping a job)

    (4) Entrepreneurship (creating a job)   

    Has the role of guidance counslors changed wih 339?

    Guidance counselors can have a tremendous impact on the success of students in the workplace of the future. Success in the future economy will not only require a solid education but will also require highly specialized skills, interpersonal skills, and technology skills. A strong school counseling program can be a vital part of preparing students for an evr-changing world.  

    What is the Elizabeth Forward School District doing with 339?

    The Elizabeth Forward School District formed an Advisory Council consisting of educators, parents, students, business/community and post-secondary stakeholders. The Elizabeth Forward School District's administrative/counseling team continues to meet regularly to address our 339 plan, make recommendations to meet Career Education and Work Standards, and to assist students with academic/career planning.