• Project SEARCH is a one-year, high school transition program for students with disabilities who have completed their high school academic requirements, but have deferred taking a diploma.  Project SEARCH is designed as a combined education and work experience program which prepares 12+ year students for competitive employment.  The cornerstone of Project SEARCH is total immersion in a large business.  Each school day, students report to the host business, learn employability skills in a classroom and marketable job skills while participating in 3 job-training rotations during the school year. Additionally, students participate in monthly progress meetings to define their career goal and plan necessary steps to achieve that goal.
    Managers at the training sites work with the Project SEARCH instructor and job trainers to support the students.  Students get continual feedback from the manager, co-workers and Project SEARCH staff.  The program builds essential job specific and employability skills needed to gain and maintain meaningful employment, lead productive lives and become integrated in an adult work environment.