A special needs football camp





    Elizabeth Football Champions Football Camp


    The purpose of the Champions Football Camp is to make a positive impact on          
    youth with disabilities through teaching football skills and emphasizing the
    importance of exercise in leading a healthy, productive lifestyle. Upon arrival,
    students will be divided into 5 pre-determined teams. Each team will have the
    opportunity to master their football skills in 8 different drill stations. Once the
    team has made it through all 8-drill stations, they will put their skills together
    for the final culminating Team Touchdown Station. Coaches will be assigned
    to each drill station to teach the individual skills as well as Elizabeth Forward
    students and cheerleaders to act as mentors throughout the day.


    The camp of Champions was created by Tom Alper, a district physical education teacher, with the hope of providing students, with disabilities, opportunities to explore the sport of football, interact with same aged peers, and have a wondeful opportunity to meet people involved in the sport. In the past, members of the Pittsburgh Steelers have been involved in this program.


    The district holds this camp every year and will continue to hold the camp in honor of Mr. Alper.


    If you would like to be involved in the program, the district is accepting donations to help us ensure the success of the program.


    If you would like to donate, please contact the district business office.